Who is farhan akhtar dating

In fact, stories were even doing the rounds that Shraddha had packed her bags and moved in with her rumoured beau, only to be dragged back home by her livid father Shakti Kapoor.

Shakti rubbished the reports, but that had little effect.

Of course, we are actors and there will be people who would probably want to read something gossipy about us, but when it involves my father, my aunt and my costar, it’s taking it too far. It’s a joke within the family that I will bring my husband home (laughs). I have a house of my own where I have my meetings and keep my extra stuff.

Also read: Angry Shakti Kapoor rubbishes reports of dragging Shraddha out of BF Farhan’s house, calls it TOTAL CRAP! I have no intention of moving out of my parents’ home and moving into my own apartment, let alone someone else’s!

Now, Shraddha Kapoor herself slammed gossip mongers for going "overboard." Denying her relationship with Farhan, the OK Jaanu actor said, "I think this time it went little overboard.

When you are writing something that is false and presenting it as a fact without confirming...

Although I may have loved someone’s movie, what’s important is what you are going to do together. For the past few weeks, your personal life has been in the news. I have a very efficient marketing and PR team that keeps forwarding me things and what’s going on. So, the best thing is to treat it [rumours] with silence. The fact of the matter is that over the last year-and-a-half, a certain kind of friendship has been forged, which is normal since we have been working together.

It has been eight years since he started his acting career (with Rock On!!

Reports state that the duo started seeing each other a few months ago.

However, it was only recently that they started going out as a couple.

Shraddha said that she is usually unfazed by rumours surrounding her but this time, it "painted an incorrect picture" about her father.

"The link-up rumours have not affected me at all, but this time it did as it involved my family.

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