Updating samsung blackjack 2 dating for asperger

Features and Design Not unlike the original, the Black Jack II will fit almost entirely in an adult male’s palm, making it wider than the average phone, but still smaller than a PDA. A flat, one-piece phone, the Black Jack II has a widescreen on its upper half, and while well sized for the device, an additional inner border across the top and bottom make the actual viewing screen smaller.

The keypad is as cramped as ever but surprisingly easy to use.The new Black Jack isn’t so much a redesign as it is an upgrade.Lovers of the original will be happy, but it isn’t different enough to attract anyone new.Space bar aside, there are a smattering of quick keys on the bottom row including camera, email and Internet.The silver-and-ebony Black Jack II is smooth to touch, probably because it has very few accessories on its edges.

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