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Some creep pretending to be the Jonas Brothers asked me to show him my boobs on Chatroulette the other day. But the experience, like most of my brief foray into the wild world of Chatroulette, left me rattled. But I was shaken: in the short time I had been on Chatroulette, I had chatted and made webcam eye contact with a few dozen complete strangers, including a handful of perverts and not-the-Jonas Brothers.

Plug in your webcam, go to hit "play" to give the imaginary wheel a spin. With more than 20,000 people online at a time, there are plenty of pickings. 15, 2007."I'm sorry you had this dreadful experience and want to reassure you Jonas Brothers would never comport themselves in this manner," she wrote in an email.

Also, bringing the lens close to your cock helps; moaning and twisting your nipples are an added touch, too.

If someone really likes you, they may ask to move things over to Skype, so that you can both potentially chat again, right away or in the future.

This work was commissioned by Kunst Vardo and supported by Arts Council England.

2016 Performance at Harcourt Arboretum, Oxfordshire. The performer's props and actions a based on historical accounts of the pythia - the woman who acted as the conduit for the oracle at Delphi. , 2016 Performance with 25mm slides depicting mythical, historical and pop-cultural figures whose hair is vital to their narrative.

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