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The problem of diagnosis in mental health arises from the remarkable overlap of symptoms among conditions.

The diagnosis of all mental disorders is largely based on a carefully taken history designed to bring out signs and symptoms that, when grouped together, constitute a recognizable syndrome.

As you start to take more charge of managing bipolar disorder, it's important that you choose professional people who can best support your choices.

There is no doubt that finding the right support can be difficult, but you do have options.

How they can cause sexual dysfunction: Researchers say that by limiting the availability of cholesterol, a building block of hormones, these drugs likely interfere with the production of testosterone, estrogen and other sex hormones.

Additionally, statins can cause rhabdomyolysis, a breakdown of muscle tissue, leading to joint pain and fatigue.

Thirty-eight percent (in other words, virtually all of them) had two or more other mental disorders active at the time they were diagnosed with ADHD.

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Indeed, studies show that prescription medications are responsible for as many as one of every four cases of sexual dysfunction — and this figure may understate the extent of the problem.

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