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ESN Poznań United would like to invite you to take part in our awesome Language Exchange Carnival Edition! Nowowiejskiego 8, Poznań (close to Plac Wolności) Aim: practise your favourite languages IN DISGUISE! In many parts of the world, MASQUERADE is an inseparable part of the Carnival. There will be some special PRIZES for three people with the most effective masks! The only thing you have to do is to fill in this form: It is rather crucial for us to know how many of you is coming and what kind of languages will be spoken!

At this special meeting you will have a chance to meet not only Erasmus students from your faculties but also from OTHER universities from Poznań! This festive season is a perfect opportunity to get to know each other better as well as to tell each other about numerous traditions concerning the Carnival time in your own country! To feel the spirit, we would like you to put on MASKS so that nobody can recognise you!

Admission: , students and seniors, At Alwan for the Arts, 16 Beaver St, 4th Floor (between Broad St. (pm) Friday, May 19: When played live, northern Indian classical music is shaped by the artist’s mood and rapport with the audience.

What will inspire renowned sitar player Ikhlaq Hussain when he takes the stage at the Rubin on 5/19?

Special holiday cases have been free to Club Pogo members as well.

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The Brent Delta will be positioned in the space in the middle of the ship and the rig’s eighteen metre concrete legs will be severed.

A hydraulics system, powered with compressed air, will then act as a jack and remove the topside from the concrete legs it was standing on.

“This is a dream come true, to be captain of the biggest ship in the world,” skipper Fred Regtop told . You can’t find a ship with more equipment than this one.” His ship also serves as a pipe-laying vessel and will work on the contentious Russia – Turkey gas pipeline.

Friday, May 19: Farzad Amoozegar is new to NYC, and is a leading performer of the Persian setar (4-string lute), as well as completing his graduate studies in Ethnomusicology and Anthropology at UCLA.

Lisbon-born Sara Serpa is a singer/contemporary jazz improviser who has been hailed for 3 years in a row as a “Rising Star” by Downbeat Magazine.

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