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The data comes from a series of heterosexual speed dating experiements at Columbia University from 2002-2004.In these experiments, you each met all of you opposite-sex participants for four minutes.* * NOTE: By law, Thanksgiving Day is the first Tuesday after the first * Monday in November.* * @param year the year for which to compute the date of Election Day * @return the Date of Election Day for the specified year */ public Date election Time(int year) I feel like I got the election Time part correct but I am confused as in to where to begin for new Years. I'm uncertain how to put together a code that would calculate not only when the date is but when it will happen again.Most have you have been programming for years and I desperately want to learn.I've tried everything and have read countless textbooks but nothing helps like actual problems.Java Script's way of working with dates is simple but perhaps this is part of the problem.The Date object is so simple that it can be difficult to work out how to do things like date arithmetic. See Also: Have you ever tried using Java Script dates?

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But there really isn't anyone to check my work!To ensure the availability of the Digital Library we can not allow these types of requests to continue.The restriction will be removed automatically once this activity stops. Then there is the way you sometimes have to create a new date object to hold the result of a date and time computation and sometimes you don't.For the beginner, or for the occasional date user, it can be confusing.

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