Relative formula not updating when copying

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss different ways to copy formulas in Excel so that you could choose the one best suited for your task.

Specifically, the first formula worked fine, but when we copied it, the formula returned the result of the first formula. In the example sheet, I entered a SUM() function to total each salesperson's commission (row 8) and bonus (row9).If the formula includes relative cell references (without the $ sign), they will automatically change based on a relative position of rows and columns.So, after copying the formula, verify that the cell references have got adjusted properly and produce the result that you want.More About Why I Need This: I have a production xlsx in use for daily operations. sheet1 Sheets("Sheet1")Before:=Workbooks("Workbook B.xlsx"). Sheets("sheet2") 'find WBA references and remove them Cells.We constantly need to make "upgrades" to this xlsx and so one person may create a copy and his changes there for a single sheet. Replace What:="=[workbook A.xlsx]", Replacement:="=", Look At:=xl Part _ , Search Order:=xl By Rows, Match Case:=False, Search Format:=False, _ Replace Format:=False Application.

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