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Limonov's father—then in the military service – was in a state security career and his mother was a homemaker. he first came to Moscow, earning money sewing trousers (Limonov "dressed" many in the intelligentsia circles, sculptor Ernst Neizvestny and a poet Bulat Okudzhava among others), but later returned to Kharkov.

In the early years of his life family moved to Kharkiv in the Ukrainian SSR, where Limonov grew up. During the Moscow period Limonov was involved in the Konkret poets' group and sold volumes of his self-published poetry while doing various day jobs.

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Formerly an opponent of Vladimir Putin, Limonov was one of the leaders of The Other Russia political bloc.

Limonov was born in former Soviet Union, in Dzerzhinsk, industrial town in the Gorky Oblast (now Nizhny Novgorod Oblast). By Limonov's own account, he began writing "very bad" poetry at the age of thirteen and soon after became involved in theft and petty crime as an adolescent hooligan.

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