Old lady random web cam

They arrested her for trespassing, police spokesman Hiroki Itakura from southern Kasuya town said today.

The resident of the home installed security cameras that transmitted images to his mobile phone, after becoming puzzled by food disappearing from his kitchen over the past several months.

There was even a marriage proposal caught on camera.

Drumheller says the reception has been good and that most of the comments were positive. We laugh, we cry, we have a sense of humor and we're just regular genuine people." Every time he drove off he would flash a peace sign out his window.

This screenshot shows what one ratter is seeing in his or her own spying activity.

(Image: You Tube screenshot) We’ve reported about webcam hacking and spying in the past, but a recent report by Ars Technica is giving an even more in-depth look into the scary world of people who can take control of a person’s computer, peering into his or her life via webcam all in the name of an unsettling game.

Recently, our friends at shared with us that a sheriff in the town did the dab on camera.

Kurt Drumheller, AKA "Sheriff Dab," walked into his dispatcher's office one late night where he learned thousands of people were watching the live stream.

While Clark’s story is a scary one for anyone that owns a device with a built in webcam, it isn’t new.Here’s what Anderson reports a couple ratters saying about their activities online: “Man I feel dirty looking at these pics,” wrote one forum poster at Hack Forums, one of the top “aboveground” hacking discussion sites on the Internet (it now has more than 23 million total posts).The poster was referencing a 134 page thread filled with the images of female “slaves” surreptitiously snapped by hackers using the women’s own webcams.Police were investigating how she managed to go in and out of the house unnoticed, as well as details of her life inside the closet, and if she had taken anything else besides food.JACKSON HOLE, Wyoming -- There is a webcam in Jackson Hole, Wyoming that shows a random intersection in town. There have been tens of thousands of You Tube viewers that have watched the live stream.

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