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An additional 38 percent said that it was probably true -- bringing the total percentage of believers to 52 percent.Only 33 percent of Republicans said that the "allegation" (as Newsweek put it) was "probably not true." Seven percent said it was "definitely not true." The rest (eight percent) either didn't know the answer or didn't read the question.

Back story: I have a friend, O, who likes a guy, B, who has a certain manner that means a lot of people find him hard to talk to and quite unpleasant.Cos avremo l'armatura di Oceano, del Deserto, delle Pianure, di Vulcano.Dalla revisione 1.67 sono stati aggiunti degli "Stallieri" ai porti fuori ciascuna delle citt di Have Omb, Oceanus, Stige, Vulcano e Aerus, nell'acqua sotto il molo.Your generous contributions are tax-deductible under 501-c-3: EIN 68-0065591. The majority of the GOP believe that President Barack Obama "sympathizes with the goals of Islamic fundamentalists who want to impose Islamic law around the world."See a piece right here: A full 14 percent of Republicans said that it was "definitely true" that Obama sympathized with the fundamentalists and wanted to impose Islamic law across the globe.

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