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It was a relatively non-violent revolution, and helped to redefine the meaning and practice of modern revolutions (although there was violence in its aftermath).

Reasons advanced for the occurrence of the revolution and its populist, nationalist and, later, Shi'a Islamic character include a conservative backlash against the Westernizing and secularizing efforts of the Western-backed Shah, whose culture was affecting that of Iran.

At the same time, support for the Shah may have waned among Western politicians and media – especially under the administration of U. President Jimmy Carter – as a result of the Shah's support for OPEC petroleum price increases earlier in the decade.

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Fatemeh Reshad and her parents have traveled to Portland, Oregon, so she can get life-saving medical treatment after initially being denied entry to the US as a result of Donald Trump's immigration ban.United States wrestlers are banned from an important international tournament this month in Kermanshah, Iran in retaliation for Donald Trump's banning of visas for seven Muslim countries, including Iran.The sentence was handed down using the principle of 'eye for an eye' of Iran's Islamic Sharia law after the convicted attacker was found guilty of throwing acid in the face of her victim two years ago.The rise of the Safavids in 15th century led to the establishment of Twelver Shia Islam as the official religion, marking a turning point in Muslim history.Popular unrest culminated in the Persian Constitutional Revolution, which established a constitutional monarchy and the country's first legislative body, the Majles.

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