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When you are inserting records from another table, each value being inserted must be compatible with the type of field that will be receiving the data.

The following INSERT INTO statement inserts all the values in the Customer ID, Last Name, and First Name fields from the tbl Old Customers table into the corresponding fields in the tbl Customers table.

The UPDATE statement can modify one or more records and generally takes this form.To add one record to a table, you must use the field list to define which fields to put the data in, and then you must supply the data itself in a value list. For example, the following statement will insert the values "1", "Kelly", and "Jill" into the Customer ID, Last Name, and First Name fields, respectively.To add many records to a table at one time, use the INSERT INTO statement along with a SELECT statement. This can be seen verified by adding the following code after the screen has loaded and looking at the web console of FF and IE to see the difference. The issue was the label attribute of HTMLOption Element is not the same as the text attribute if label is blank in IE.

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