Dating intense men

By now it might start to feel that there’s nothing you can do to make a man feel this way, but I’m here to set the record straight.

If a man starts out feeling interested in you, there are specific things you can do that will quickly create the kind of emotional attraction that will make him want to connect with you on a deeper level…

Relationships are hard to come by and even harder to make work in the long term.

Women want a man who is patient, kind, interesting and interested.

You have to hold back because you can be almost too direct and say exactly what you feel.

So do I think being intense can cause social problems? Not drama however, because intense people are either detached and have no interest in causing drama, or they are attached enough to be very forgiving and fiercely loyal. I have little to no drama in my life, and it's never about me.

Keep looking, there are plenty of intense, unlaidback women.

I am ALL ABOUT passion/intensity/intimacy with the right person...

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