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It is, she has calculated, far cheaper to rent than to run a vehicle with insurance at such prohibitive levels.Apart from underlining the impact of soaring insurance costs and dismissing widely-held perceptions about renting a car, her experience also reflects a growing trend of people 'using' rather than owning their mode of transport.Insurance premiums are so high that it can be cheaper to rent a car on a regular basis.That is certainly what education expert Sue Whyte discovered after she was quoted a huge figure following an accident.Because insurance costs for young drivers can be far greater than yours as an adult parent, you want to look for every opportunity to lower the cost of covering your family.Remember that your multi-car discounts are not compound discounts.

Several different types of policies are available, so discuss your specific situation with one of our insurance agents."When I moved to Canada, I was insured with 'Its For Women' and I was paying around €300 on my 1.1L Peugeot," she told "So I bought a little Mini Cooper with a 1.6L and input my details online, which gave me a quote of €550 which I thought was pretty good."But when I rang up to provide more details, they told me that my no claims bonus had expired and quoted me thousands." Unfortunately, if a driver has had no insurance in their own name for two or more years, many insurers will not give them their no claims discount when insurance cover is reapplied for.Ms Kelly spent the next eight weeks calling up to 30 brokers and insurance companies."I had started my new job and I was calling one company a day.

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