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But senior defense officials later appeared philosophical about Duterte's outbursts.The US-Philippine alliance has "had its ups and downs and survived," one official said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the matter.Given that an alliance dating back to 1892 committed Russia to fighting in support of France, and that Germany was tied to Austria-Hungary by defensive alliance, a glance at a basic map of Europe in 1914 makes the opening battle lines fairly clear.I’ve pinched the one below from the net, and I’ll be glad to remove it if anyone Christmas minds.A hundred years ago today, German and Russian forces fought the first engagement of the Automatic War on the Eastern Front.The fight took place at Stallupönen, a German village near the frontier between the two empires.The Russian and German Empires faced each other along the borders of East Prussia to the north.Austria-Hungary lined up along a disputed frontier with Russia further south, across the then Russian (now Ukrainian) province of Galicia, and all three empires were clustered hungrily round Poland, then ruled by Russia as a semi-autonomous and very turbulent province.

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Manning (who also broke some ground herself as the first woman outside the sciences to achieve the title “Assistant Curator” at the Smithsonian) as one of the judges, spent two days narrowing the designs down to just five.

It wasn’t much of a battle, an unauthorised attack by a small cheap nba jerseys portion of the regionally-based German army against the southern flank of an invading Russian army that forced a division (about 10,000 men) of Russian troops to retreat and took some 3,000 prisoners – but it was the start of a long and vastly important campaign that changed the world, changed the War and is almost completely forgotten by the heritage version as seen from the West.

I’ll be checking into the Eastern Front on a regular basis during the next few years, but for now here’s the start-up picture of a theatre of war that raged for more than four years and ultimately stretched all the way from the Baltic to the Black Sea.

"It's going to continue to survive based on what we think are strong US-Philippine common security interests." As for the military exercises, "we can be flexible about when and if they happen again," the official added.

- South China Sea - Carter is set to meet his Philippine counterpart, Delfin Lorenzana, in Hawaii on Friday, where the Pentagon chief is hosting an "informal" meeting for defense ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

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